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Terms of Service


 Failure to follow any of the terms outlined here can result in an instant account termination, although in most cases you will be warned and then  suspended if the problem is not rectified in a timely manner.

 In this document, "us" and "we" is referred to ServeDome Internet Services.


 Prior to any service commencing an agreement between us and client must be made, this will include payment dates and amounts that must be fully  paid and cleared for the service to be provided.

 All payments must be made in full for the service to be activated if it is not already, or for set-up to take place.
 In some circumstances there may be a guaranteed maximum set-up time provided by us, this is calculated from the date full payment was cleared, is not  applicable to any free or discounted services and excludes national/local holidays.

 Payments following the initial service payment must be paid in full and cleared to us before on or on the invoiced due date. We will supply a copy of the  invoice a minimum of 13 prior to the due date and make effort to notify the client of the invoice creation via email.

 In the event of an invoice remaining not fully paid more than 3 days after the due date (GMT+8) your account and relevant services will be suspended  and then terminated after 7 days if no contact is made.

 If you wish to terminate a service please ensure that you have copied all data from the provided service prior to your next invoice date or you will be  required to make payment of the due invoice to complete this process.

 Payment contracts are made between a individual or a single company to us and are not transferable to another person, company or third party.

 Promotional codes may be offered for some of our services, please be aware that these are limited to certain services and can be removed at any time  without notification.


 We provide a 7-Day money back guarantee should the client feel that he/she is not happy with our services

 Should the client wish to cancel their service within 7 days of setup they can contact us using the client area support ticket system and request a refund.

 Should network downtime cause a service to be offline for more than 5% of the service a refund of the previous invoice will be given, the time span the  percentage is calculated over will be from the last invoice due date, to the next invoice due date.

 The client must also provide sufficient proof that can be validated of any downtime for a refund request.

 Note: We do not give refunds for software, domain registrations, license purchases and on payments made through the Liberty Reserve payment method.

 IP Addresses

 All of our web services come with an IP address, some of these will be shared with other clients or dedicated to your self.

 You have no ownership right to these specific IP addresses and will always remain the sole property of ServeDome Internet Services.

 In some circumstances you may be provided with a new IP address in which case you will be given 2-5 days notice.

 You must not run any services that would cause a specific or range of IP addresses to become what is considered dirty, not-clean, black listed or spam. If  you do so then the service will be suspended. We will also try to ensure that all IP's provided are "clean" although this is not guaranteed.

 Dedicated IP's will only be provided with a valid reason granted by us and a minimum charge of $2 per month.


 All services are unmanaged unless expressly stated otherwise.
 We may gain root access to your vps at anytime to change configuration without notice to the client, this is normally only for network settings changes  or to ensure services are running after a server reboot and configuration changes.
 Should you no longer have access to your client area or registered email address you will require to email us at [email protected] and we will  request copies of your identity before access will be granted. Access will only be granted to the registered owner.

 Charge backs

 In the event a charge back is initiated for any invoice(s) the related service(s) under the clients account will be instantly suspended with no warning and  then shortly terminated if no contact is made.

 We request our clients to kindly contact us at [email protected] before filing a chargeback.


 We provide no backups of any of our services to clients.
 Backups are made of all accounts to protect against hardware failure and similar problems, these are not provided to the clients under any  circumstances and we do not guarantee that these will be up to date or usable in the event that we are required to use them.

 Therefore you should make your own backups of all data you require, we hold no responsibility to loosing user data or settings on our services.

 Backup space with “free local area network” bandwidth can be provided, although again it is the users responsibility to create the backups, check and  also restore if needed.


 The client agrees that the allocated bandwidth per month will not be exceeded, in the case the bandwidth limit is passed we will charge $0.80 USD per  10 GB over.
 At our own digression we may also suspend the service or place on a limited service with no warning. Bandwidth overage will be billed each week and  instantly removed from any account credit.

 Acceptable usage

 The services provided by ServeDome Internet Services may be used only for lawful purposes.The following content constitutes violation of our Acceptible  Usage but is not limited to:

  1. Illegal / Child Porn

  2. Phishing

  3. Web Forgery

  4. Harassment and Offensive Material

  4. Terrorist Activities

  5. Resource and bandwidth intensive scripts. (Applicable only for Shared and Reseller Hosting.)

  6. Usage of our services for hacking and malicious activity (eg Portscans)

  7. SPAM (Unsoliticated Email)

  8. Virus Distribution

 Spam - Under no circumstances do we allow bulk emails to be sent. For legitimate bulk email services such as forum newsletters we should be  contacted prior to sending, and then processing should only commence with express permission.

 CPU - Other than dedicated servers and including but not limited to VPS servers our processing power is equally shared amongst their clients using the  related service. The client will be expected to only use a fair amount of the power and is allowed to burst for short periods of time ensuring there is no  effect to the other customers. Should a clients usage be considered too high suspension of service or a limited service will be implemented at our  discretion.

 Bandwidth – The client will be given a set quota for bandwidth per registered service, it is his/her responsibility to assume that this bandwidth will be  used evenly over the account's period, however clients may be allowed to burst for short periods of time as long as this does not effect any other  network users. Rate limits may be implemented without the clients knowledge to control bandwidth  resources.

 Any other shared resources are also limited to a fair usage policy where other clients should never be effected by a single clients usage of these  resources. This includes but is not limited to disk IO and LAN traffic.

 The customer is solely responsible for the content stored he/she stores or makes accessible using our network .For no reason ServeDome Internet  Services will be held responsible for the content hosted or stored by its customers.

 We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any service and/or to remove content in order to investigate suspected violations of these terms.

 We reserve the right to modify this agreement as needed without notice, and You agree that by creating, using, or otherwise engaging in business with  ServeDome Internet Services, that You have fully read, fully understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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